Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christy Kee

Right after discovering Alexa Kee, i discovered Christy Kee, another hot Thai Chics.

She actually have more photo shoot and some of her pictures are more extreme and daring.

She does have those cute innocent looks sometimes.

Either way, i'll still fuck her hard!

She is quite pretty with a busty breast and yes, she's not shy to show you her pussy.

But sadly again, she's not into the sex video industry too...sign...

I wonder if they've already made enough money just by selling nude photo so that's why they didn't have to venture into sex video industry.

Oh look, is it the same blue chair that Alexa Kee sit on? After fucking Alexa, i'm gonna fuck Christy on da chair!

Ohh...i wana suck her breast!

Fuck her for picnic, yeah!!!

Christy with heavy makeup, taking off her panty for you:P

Shy shy Christy inviting you to fuck her hard.

Just look at her gorgeous body.

Wana ride the bike or ride her?

Oh..she's also known as wiyona chan and pim pimpilai.


Recently i've found that she's been starring at many soft-porn erotic thai movie under the name of Cherry Samkok, she looks gorgeous, but i think she lacks a little bit of skillfull slutty moan...

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