Thursday, August 4, 2011

Amelia Luv

Haha, don't know why recently i'm more into thai girls rather than japanese girls.

i think maybe it's because the quality of thai pics are getting better compared to last time and one thing for sure is that thai girls shaved up their pussy and they're not shy to show them!

One of the thai chics i like recently is Amelia Luv.

She is so fucking hot!

I would luvvvvvv to fuck her whole day!

Just look at that pointy nipple. Don't you wanna suck it, lick it and sqquuueeezzeee it? oh yeah...

Beside beauty and body one of the reason she caught my attention is that i think because she look abit like Malay and i've never seen such a hot Malay girl before!

sometimes i wonder beneath all those tudungs and coverings, could there be hidden a hot body like this?

Japanese girls would mourn "Kimochi" when they have sex, i wonder what Malay girls would mourn? "Jangan! Sakit!"

After looking through many of her files, i discovered that she did a boob job. here's a pic before with smaller boob.

But no less the hotness. just look at her eyes inviting you to have sex!

A good day begins with a good breakfast and a good fuck!

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